SMART Tool Explorer Math 4-Cube Bundle (TS-4CUBE-MATH)

SMART Tool Explorer Math 4-Cube Bundle (TS-4CUBE-MATH)

Brand: SMART Technologies sku: SMA-TS-4CUBE-MATH

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SMA-TS-4CUBE-MATH Tool Explorer Math 4-Cube Bundle for 6000S Series

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Only compatible with 6000S Series

The SMART Tool Explorer Math 4-Cube Bundle is for use with compatible interactive boards such as SMART Board 6065-V3, 6075-V3 and 6086S. The iQ system of the board automatically recognizes the cubes when they come into contact with the display. The math learning cubes add educational content to the whiteboard, and they're suitable for tactile and kinesthetic learners. Students start a lesson or whiteboard on the Player app then select one of the images on the faces of the cube. When they tap one of the faces of the cube, the image that's on it shows on the board.

You can resize, move, rotate and delete the image on the board. Of the four math whiteboard cubes, two feature numbers, one features math operators, and one features fractions. The math manipulative SMART board accessories help make abstract concepts easier to understand and remember for young students for growing their problem-solving skills.