Audio Enhancement BEAM Pro Soundbar

Audio Enhancement BEAM Pro Soundbar

Brand: Audio Enhancement sku: AEH-XD-811X

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The Audio Enhancement BEAM Pro Soundbar redefines your audio experience with powerful, immersive sound and versatile connectivity options. Perfectly complementing your home entertainment setup, this soundbar is designed to deliver crystal-clear dialogue, deep bass, and detailed sound reproduction across a wide range of frequencies. Enhancement BEAM Pro Soundbar stands out with its robust audio performance, versatile connectivity options, user-friendly controls, and sleek design, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your home entertainment experience.


Superior Audio Performance:

  • Power Output: 100 watts RMS ensures robust sound output.
  • Speaker Configuration: 2.1 channel setup with dedicated subwoofer for rich, dynamic sound.
  • Frequency Response: From 50Hz to 20kHz captures the full spectrum of audio detail.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Greater than 85dB minimizes background noise, enhancing clarity.

For Michigan Customers Only

The Audio Enhancement BEAM Pro Soundbar is crafted to deliver superior audio performance with a focus on clarity, depth, and immersive sound. Here’s a detailed description of its specifications:

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Packaging Contents:
  • Includes the BEAM Pro Soundbar itself.
  • Remote control with batteries.
  • Essential cables: HDMI, Optical, and AUX.
  • Wall mount kit for optional mounting.
  • Comprehensive user manual for easy setup and usage guidance.

Typically covered by a standard manufacturer's warranty, offering peace of mind regarding product reliability and support.




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