SMART 7375 Pro - 75

SMART 7375 Pro - 75" Interactive Flat Panel w/Intel Pentium Compute Card

Brand: SMART sku: SMA-SBID-7375P-PENT

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Breakthroughs happen faster when your teams can gather meeting notes, documentation and inspiration in one digital workspace. The 7375 Pro Series of monitors now feature SMART Technologies exclusive Intel Compute Card functionality for a full Windows 10 Experience as well as iQ technology. The next game changer for your business is only one productive meeting away.

It's a whole new brainstorming experience. Working together on the next big thing for your business is easy and fun when colleagues can move objects, type on the screen and tap to select at the same time.

SMART iQ with Intel Compute Card and Windows 10 Pro

The SBID-7375P-PENT includes the Pentium version of the Intel Compute Card.  With the Intel Compute Card you don't have to worry about cables, dropped computer connections or missing drivers.  The SMART 7375P is also available with the upgraded M3 and i5 Intel Compute card for enhanced performance.  All of the 7375P models let you experience true walk up and use simplicity along with peace of mind security and maintenance.

The Pentium version of the Intel Compute Card included with the SBID-7375P-PENT features a Intel Pentium N4200 Quad Core Processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage and wireless network connectivity.

Meeting going long? An ultra-smooth Silktouch™ finish allows your team to use the board for hours without finger burn.
16 simultaneous interaction points let your people do different things at the same time with pens, erasers and fingers.
Fingers select. Pens write. Palms erase. Object awareness™ means your SMART Boards know the difference automatically.


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SMART Board Options

Chief XSM1U Wall Mount
BalanceBox Height Adjustable Wall Mount
BalanceBox eBox Motorized Height Adjustable Wall Mount

Wall Mounts

Chief XSM1U Fixed Height Wall Mount

Chief Heavy Duty Fusion Mount with built-in cable stand for easy access behind the screen.

BalanceBox Height Adjustable Wall Mount

The BalanceBox 400 is the perfect solution to move your SMART Board up and down effortlessly using your hand.

BalanceBox eBox Height Adjustable Flatpanel Wall Mount

The motorized BalanceBox eBox is the perfect solution to move your SMART Board up and down effortlessly at the push of a button.

Peerless SR598 Flat Panel Cart
SMART FSE-300 Electric Height Adjustable Stand

Mobile Carts

Peerless SR598 Fixed Height Mobile Cart

The Peerless SR598 features 4" castors making it easy to move from room to room.

SMART FSE-300 Electric Mobile Cart

Easily adjust the height of your interactive flat panel for teachers and students of all sizes at the push of a button.

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar
SMART SCA-400 Audio System
SMART SCA-400C Classroom Audio System

Audio Options

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

Enhance the audio coming from your SMART interactive monitor with this Yamaha soundbar. Features Bluetooth Connectivity for added convience.

SMART SCA-400 Audio System

Designed to be used with existing speakers the system includes a wireless receiver, amp and a teacher microphone.

SMART SCA-440C Audio System

This complete audio system includes a wireless receiver, amp, 4 ceiling speakers, teacher microphone and handheld microphone.



Note: These monitors ship via Common Carrier. If you do not have a freight dock at your delivery location please add lift gate or inside delivery service to your order.

Standard - Requires Dock

Lift Gate - Brings Monitor Down to Ground Level - Customer Brings Inside Building

Inside Delivery - Brings Monitor Down to Ground Level and Inside Front Door

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