Peerless PRSS-UNV Projector Mount

Peerless PRSS-UNV Projector Mount

Brand: Peerless sku: PEE-PRSS-UNV

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The Peerless PRSS Projector Mount offers one of the fastest and easiest installation available in the market. It allows for independent pitch, roll and swivel alignment with two easily accessible adjustment points. Just set the mount to the desired position and secure it in place. It will hold its position even during projector maintenance. With its discreet, low-profile design the projector mount is perfect for flush mounting applications. With Peerless-AV® PRSS Projector Mount, just set it and forget it.

  • Open frame assembly provides easy cable routing through the projector mount itself
  • Low profile design allows projector to be flush with the ceiling
  • Pre-installed security screws provide tilt and roll locking ability to prevent tampering and adjustments
  • Quick release mechanism to easily service projector
  • Specifications: Pitch: +15°/-20° Roll: ±5° Swivel: 360° (during installation)
  • Independent roll, pitch and yaw adjustments provide easy image alignment

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