Califone HPK-1500 USB Headphones Guaranteed for Life Cord

Califone HPK-1500 USB Headphones Guaranteed for Life Cord

Brand: Califone sku: CAL-HPK-1500

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Headphones used in classrooms or libraries are constantly handled and worn throughout the school week. To keep them in top condition and clean, the Califone Titanium headphones are the first headphones that can be washed in soap and water (after its cord has been detached)! Once cleaned and thoroughly dried, simply reconnect the replaceable cord and the Titanium headphone is ready for reuse.

  • Softer, more comfortable ear cushions
  • Comfort strap for longer wearability
  • Adjustable headstrap rugged enough for daily classroom use
  • Earcups offer the highest passive ambient noise rejection, effectively blocking external distractions to keep students on task
  • In-line volume control, LED light is green when the cord is plugged into the computer and red when the Sentinel switch is turned on
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Protective slotted baffles guard against perforation of the speakers
  • First washable headphone for easy cleaning