TeachLogic Voicelink I IR Sound Field Systems | Classroom Soundfield System

TeachLogic Voicelink I IR Sound Field System

Brand: TeachLogic sku: TEA-IRV-1150

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The TeachLogic VoiceLink I system will expand your multi-media sound system to include voice reinforcement via an infrared wireless microphone. The VoiceLink I is a preamp-only receiver and is designed to be plugged into a power amplifier as the input of a multi-media sound system. The microphone transmits the instructor's voice to a wall sensor connected to the IR receiver. Voicelink I adds voice reinforcement with absolute clarity and total freedom of movement throughout any room. A 3.5mm input jack on the front panel facilitates the input of auxiliary devices such as an iPod™, computer, DVD player or VCR. The drop-in charger automatically recharges the batteries for daily use.

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  • Infrared (IR) Technology: Utilizes infrared transmission for clear, interference-free audio distribution throughout the classroom.

  • Sound Field Amplification: Enhances audio coverage and clarity, ensuring all students can hear the instructor clearly.

  • Wireless Microphone: Includes a wireless microphone for the instructor, promoting mobility and ease of use during lessons.

  • Integrated Speaker System: Features integrated speakers for comprehensive sound distribution without the need for external amplifiers.

  • Easy Installation and Setup: Simple setup process with minimal wiring, designed for quick integration into classroom environments.


  • One channel receiver (shelf or wall mountable)

  • Unbalanced RCA output

  • Line Line Input 3.5mm

  • Drop-in battery charging station

  • Wall mount sensor with 50' cable

  • Choice of microphone transmitter



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