SMART Board MX275-V4 - 75

SMART Board MX275-V4 - 75" Interactive Flat Panel - REMC

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Teachers want power and simplicity, and the SMART Board MX V4 interactive display delivers.  The SMART Board MX's touch, digital ink, and personalization features make it an investment in interactivity you can count on for years to come. Its easy user experience reduces training time and tech support costs.

SMART’s exclusive walk-up-and-use touch and ink experiences help teachers use their displays more easily, more effectively and more often. This means lower training costs and fewer support calls from teachers. SMART displays are also easy to maintain and future-proof, so you get long-term value out of your investment.

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Get Connected

Seamlessly connect your classroom technology and infrastructure with a SMART Board interactive display. Bring together your student devices, computers and peripherals, digital tools and content, so they’re used to their fullest potential.

Connect student devices for active learning
Students share screens and send ideas to the display with native, browser-based and app-based screen sharing. The SMART Mirror app for Windows and Mac OS enables screen sharing without prior network configuration and includes touchback support. Plus, share live whiteboards and lessons with two-way annotation to students’ devices. Works both in and out of the classroom through any Internet browser, no login required.
Bigger, better video conferencing
The SMART Board MX series works with UVC webcams, Zoom, Microsoft Teams™ and Google Meet™. Enhance shared screen content with tools like digital ink that help communicate ideas and focus student attention.
Interact with every input
Plug in multiple computers and video inputs, then switch between them easily and intelligently with live input preview. Write and use widgets likes spinners, timers and clocks over any input for even more interactive learning. Plus, easily connect any device to the 65-watt (rear) or 15-watt (front) USB-C port for video, audio, touch, data and charging with one one cord.

Easy to Use

SMART’s exclusive walk-up-and-use touch and ink experiences help teachers use their displays more easily, more effectively and more often. This means lower training costs and fewer support calls from teachers. SMART displays are also easy to maintain and future-proof, so you get long-term value out of your investment.

Better touch and ink experiences
With 20 unique points of touch on iQ and on Windows® and Mac® computers, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation lets multiple users write, erase, move and gesture at the same time without toolbars or menu selection. Object Awareness detects touch, pens and palms automatically. SMART Ink desktop software lets teachers write into and over web browsers, applications and files, including PDFs and Microsoft Office® files.
Easier to maintain
We put in the effort, so you don’t have to. The SMART MX display works out of the box, updates automatically over-the-air, and can be easily managed at scale with SMART Remote Management software*. Backed by SMART Assure warranty (region dependent), which includes expert technical support, advanced hardware replacement with two way shipping, and onsite RMA support.
Sign in and personalize
Sign into the display with a Google or Microsoft account for secure access to files and cloud storage, and easy access to apps, favorites, bookmarks and custom widgets. Cloud storage travels with the teacher when they sign into any SMART display with iQ, anywhere.

Get Engaging

The SMART MX series comes with a free, always-growing set of teaching tools and resources for student engagement, including award-winning software. All included with no subscription required.

Education tools, templates and resources
With built-in iQ, enhance lessons on the fly with ready-made whiteboard templates, popular graphic organizers, interactive activities, digital manipulatives and widgets like spinners, timers and clocks – all designed for the classroom.
Create and deliver rich interactive lessons
Free SMART Notebook basic version enables teachers to create, edit and deliver interactive, engaging lessons optimized for the SMART Board MX display.
Free content library for teachers
Access the SMART Exchange , a library of thousands of free games, activities and lesson plans. Search by subject, grade and education standards.

Seamless embedded experience - powered by iQ

There’s nothing else like an iQ-powered interactive display. iQ is an integrated K-12 Android-based experience; a platform purpose designed for education. SMART displays with iQ put teachers’ personalized tools, content, OneDrive™ and Google Drive™ files right where they need them, and connect student devices for meaningful engagement, interaction and collaboration. iQ is designed to be easier and more powerful for teachers to use, saving clicks at every point in a lesson. That means it saves teachers time and focus as they use the whiteboard’s education tools, templates and activities, interact with student devices, browse the web and bring together their content.

Automatic OTA Updates. With iQ, you benefit from SMART’s continual in-house feature development, based on feedback from teachers and education leaders. All iQ-powered displays are regularly updated with new features, through automatic OTA (over-the-air) updates. Plus, MX series displays also support future OS updates - all ensuring your technology investment continues to meet the evolving needs of your teachers and classrooms.

Windows and Mac OS Experience

Enjoy the full SMART Board experience on any connected Windows or Mac computer. Get 20 points of precise interaction, and natural, intuitive touch and ink, with SMART Ink, Object Awareness and Simultaneous Tool Differentiation across web browsers and applications.

Chrome OS Experience

When connected to a Chrome OS device, teachers can access the Google Play Store and their apps at the display, and interact with content. Enjoy simultaneous touch points, digital ink, automatic pen recognition, touch, and erase in supported Chrome OS applications.


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