SMART iQ Software 3.0 is Now Available

SMART iQ Software 3.0 is Now Available

Beginning August 30, 2018, iQ software version 3.0 for SMART Board interactive displays with iQ is available on the Stable channel for both Education and Business customers and available over-the-air (OTA) or downloadable from the SMART Support website. 

This release includes significant functional and user interface improvements compared to version 2.10 and will supersede it.  

Please ensure that your SMART Board displays are updated to this latest software version. 

See SMART  IQ 3.0 in Action


What’s New in iQ 3.0: 

New Home Screen Experience 
  • The black bar launcher that was at the bottom of the screen has been replaced with a full-screen experience. Tapping on the iQ launcher button will bring users to this new home screen. 
Customizable Wallpapers 
  • Set a wallpaper from one of the new selection of presets, or add your own custom wallpaper from a USB drive. 
Customize Recent and Favorite Apps 
  • Users are now able to move between apps and recent content quickly and easily from the home screen. Whenever a user moves between a web browser or the whiteboard for example, that activity will be shown in the recent section on the home screen. 
  • You can easily pin a Recent tile to the Favorites section, and just as easily remove it. 
  • You can also reorder your Favorites. 
Files Library 
  • A new central location for all whiteboard, Player and Ink annotated content from the web browser or screen share 
Apps Library with Search 
  • Search for web apps and set any of these as Favorites on your home screen. 
Multi-Device Screen Share and Media Streaming  
  • Users will now be able to share up to two (2) AirPlay or Google Cast devices at the same time. Both devices will be able to share as live sessions in the screen sharing lobby. 
  • For iOS devices, we’ve added support for media streaming, giving users the ability to control media like YouTube video from the SMART Board display, as well as the ability to stop/disconnect directly from the iQ display. This is currently only supported on AM40 and AM50 appliances. 
SMART Remote Management Support 
(requires active subscription of SMART Remote Management software) 
iQ Software Version 3.0 Compatibility: 
  • AM30/AM40 appliance on any SMART Board 6000, 7000, MX, 6000 Pro and 7000 Pro series interactive display.  

  • AM50 appliance from August 1, 2018 or later orders of SMART Board 6000, 7000, 6000 Pro and 7000 Pro series interactive displays (e.g. 63xx, 63xxP, 73xx or 73xxP SKUs)  


All iQ 3.0 software releases will be automatically pushed out to iQ appliances over-the-air (OTA) as long as the appliances are connected to a network and have been left unused for 4 hours.  

Beta Channel Transition Notes: 

  • Migrating from Beta channel to the Stable channel will result in a factory reset and you will lose all content. For any content created while on the Beta channel, please ensure you export them as PDF to a USB flash drive and reload the content once you have updated to stable iQ 3.0 channel. 

If you have an questions about SMART iQ 3.0 please call our support staff at VSC:  248-926-2540.

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