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Avervision F50 Document Camera

Item No: AVE-F50

Quick Overview

  • 8X Optical Zoom & 16X Digital Zoom
  • 2592 x 1944 Resolution
  • Record to USB or SD Card
  • Remote Included
  • 30fps
  • Five Year Warranty
Avervision F50 Document Camera

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  • Avervision F50 Document Camera
  • Avervision F50 Document Camera Folded
  • Avervision F50 Document Camera Connections
  • Avervision F50 Document Camera Connections
  • Avervision F50 Document Camera Connections


Experience the ease and simplicity of onboard annotation without the need for a computer or software! The new AVerVision F50 flexarm document camera lets you use a mouse or AVerPen to annotate right onto your saved doc cam images. No more fussing around with your computer! Your curriculum keeps going, making easier for you to teach, and your students stay engaged, making easier for them to learn. The Avermedia F50 also includes 1-touch video recording to a USB drive or SD card. Record lessons or presentations, then take them with you wherever you go to share with other teachers or parents. The F50 is many tools in one. An overhead projector, a scanner, a web-video-digital camera, lined-graph-plain paper and with "best-in-class image clarity," you can see clearly with every single action.


Megapixels. Mega images. Mega wows.

Learning becomes wonderment when it's unfolding on the big screen and nothing puts on a show like the 5 megapixels of the F50 doc cam that's primed to show crisp text, bright images and vivid colors. The F50 is also engineered with a large imaging sensor to collect lots of light. More megapixels and more light mean better resolution and gorgeous detail for showcasing your classroom's best.

Zoom into it.

Really get down to the nitty-gritty details of your experiment, math problem or poem. With 80x zoom, you can zero in on the smallest details and clearly see the big picture. So that tiny 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch on a ruler can be clearly seen by the student in the back of the class. A bonus is that when you are in digital zoom, you can move around the image while you are still zoomed in.

See micro worlds in action.

With the F50's optional microscope adaptor, 
you can explore nature's tiniest communities in action. Simply fit the adaptor to any standard microscope eye-piece and you can now display small worlds on big screens.

If only everything was 30fps smooth.

We'll admit it. We suffer a little from attention deficit, so we made sure that the F50 shows only 30fps video. That means it displays only smooth movement and images without any bumps, lags or freezes. Even math demonstrations are more captivating.

Shed some light.

Usually when the projector is on, the lights are off. Since the F50 is connected to a projector, it has built-in LED lights in the camera head to illuminate and display the objects underneath beautifully.

Make a point.

Need to explain a tricky concept or emphasize a key point? By simply plugging in an USB mouse into the F50, you can easily add annotations, highlights, arrows and captions. You don't need a computer. Easy peasy.

It's doubles as a scanner, web camera, video camera, digital camera…

Use the F50 to snap a quick picture and store it on the camera itself, a USB flash drive or a con nected computer. You never again need to scan in student work. You can also use the F50 as a video camera by rotating the neck and recording student presentations, class projects or white board images. And if you are a Skype power-user, the F50 as a webcam, shows your face, your students faces, a project, classroom wall… (you get the point).

Do the twist.

Go ahead – lean, bend and flex the F50's gooseneck in any and every direction to get up close and personal from an iPad, Petri dish, your students, your class and more. It won’t break.

Move it.

If you have to share your document camera with other teachers, you are in luck. The 
F50 document camera is the perfect mobile teaching buddy that is light, compact (folds into itself), as well as sets up quickly 
and easily.

Remote in.

We know teaching doesn’t happen in just the front of the class, so we included a remote. Now you can move around while still controlling the F50. You can even pass the remote to students and allow them to take the F50 for a spin.


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